Lightness Of Being

photo taken January 2013

one year ago: Soft Blue
two years ago: My Eyes See Snow, But My Heart Sees Signs Of Spring
three years ago: Study In Snow
four years ago: Sweetest Of Peas
five years ago: Eli Needed Some Face Time

6 Responses to “Lightness Of Being”

  1. taffy Says:

    ooooooh so breathtaking!!!

  2. m.v. Says:

    …..and essence of nature’s soul shining through.

  3. Dennis Says:

    I like the contrast of the sunny side and the shaded side of his body, either early morning or late after noon sun, nice picture.

  4. Camilla Says:

    Your photos are all so amazing! I bought your calendar after discovering your site and I am delighted by it every day!

  5. junkshop_coyote Says:

    “Unbearably” adorable! *dodges rotten tomatoes*

  6. Jenny C Says:


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