So Bad All My Bones Shake

photo taken January 2013

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4 Responses to “So Bad All My Bones Shake”

  1. Dennis Says:

    I missed getting on and seeing yesterdays new picture, I had surgery for several injuries sustained in Afghanistan. Four and a half hours later after surgery and recovery room, I wanted to see yesterdays new picture of Charlie, I loved it, it was like a good medicine for my spirit. He carries it as if he has just made a field kill, just love his display of body language. So much confidence and contentment of where he lives, his territory and who he is.

  2. CindyD Says:

    I just ran across your blogs the other day and have had a wonderful time just clicking here and there to see where they take me. I am fascinated by your relationship with Charlie, and in turn his relationships with his comrades (Eli and Chloe). I am originally from AZ (in WY now) and the differences in the coyote populations has always intrigued me. Down there they are so much more visible. It is not unusual to see and hear them on a daily basis. I can only assume this had to come about due to the human invasion, there really just aren’t that many places left for them to go. In WY, I hear them sometimes, but I think in 6 years I have seen one.
    I love that you resist the temptation to make Charlie a spectacle. Maybe I need to rephrase that. I love that you resist the opportunity to bring attention to yourself in public situations by taking him to places where he would be most uncomfortable. (okay terrified) I’m afraid that most people would be more concerned about being “That cool chick walking her coyote through town” than about what is actually right for the animal.
    I am always bothered by folks who want to “tame” a wild animal, for notoriety sake,drag it around through over stimulating situations, only to have something go terribly wrong resulting in the death of said animal. I understand your reasons for rescuing Charlie, and I appreciate where you mention in your Q&A that although you feel like you did the right thing for him, you won’t be seeking out the opportunity to do it again.
    Very quickly and then I’ll shut up. I also enjoyed your Honey Rock Dawn blog, especially the post about eating meat and better butchering. I am a firm believer in the position of “change starts with me”. So you goal to produce quality and healthy meat for human consumption in a humane way is fantastic. I guess I am curious, if a person wanted to purchase meat from you, how would they go about it? I actually have just recently started researching where I could by a side of beef that was naturally raised. So far my answers have been less than heartening.
    Thank you again for putting out such a wonderful blog.

  3. bekka Says:


  4. Dave Says:

    When I first came over here (NV) from the UK, I arrived with Jerry-Lee – a German Shepherd and my best friend…. At the time he was getting on a bit.

    On a walk we were surrounded by a pack of some very aggressive Coyotes – teeth bared, howling – it was a little unnerving shall we say…

    Fast forward to today. Gusto is a German Shepherd from Montana. Every morning we head out for the hills just before dawn. This morning he found something in the undergrowth the size of a Labrador and took off after it. About five minutes later there came the sound of Coyotes yipping and a dog barking. My heart sunk, and I flashed back to my first Coyote experience.

    After ten minutes or so he returned breathless but unscathed. Sigh of relief.

    The blog is great and I understand your transition from NY – I did the same in the UK when I moved to the Forest of Bowland, some one and a half miles from the nearest neighbour. My biggest worry then was my German Shepherd getting into the middle of a flock of sheep!

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