Such Symmetry

photo taken April 2013

one year ago: Slightly Spooky
two years ago: Snug As A Bug
three years ago: Big Bird? Haven’t seen him, why?
four years ago: Charlie Hunt, Chloe Cook!!!!
five years ago: Trucker

6 Responses to “Such Symmetry”

  1. Charly Says:

    Great composition! I love the way the color of the rug sets off his markings. Charlie is such a handsome guy – just lovely. I look forward to reading your new book so we can catch up on how he is developing–

  2. Marg Says:

    Wow! It looks like he put on some fresh eyeliner and polished up his nose for this beauty of a shot. Very unique Shreve.

  3. I Hermit Says:

    Charlie wants to play ‘Rug’ might be a great way to get over your depression, with all of the love of your extended farmily. Barry

  4. Karen Says:

    It almost looks like there’s an eye in his left ear!!

  5. Chuck Says:

    Charlie’s eyes are talking to you.

  6. Jenny C Says:

    Wow! Oh the tuftage!
    You’re right, Karen – love the eye in the ear.

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