Notes On Charlie ~ May 14

The cutest moments never get photographed.
You might not like hearing that, but it’s true.  I don’t break a
moment or interrupt an interaction to go for my camera,
though there are times I wish I had shutters in my eyeballs…
Google’s solving that with their freaky glasses, I guess?

But I remember them.
Charlie with a silk cowboy kerchief draped across the back of his neck,
chasing the trailing ends like a kitten would chase its tail.

Mike coming by after a long day of working outside and sitting
down next to Charlie, and Charlie sticking his entire snout
(and face) into the sleeve of Mike’s t-shirt.

The expression Charlie gets when he gets me really laughing -
like hysterically laughing at his antics – and his eyes lock with mine
and ping “success!” and his grin is huge and bright.

Charlie sleeping. I love to watch him sleep. Sometimes when I wake up
at 3am, I turn on a dim light so I can lie in bed and just watch Charlie sleep for half an hour or so before going back to sleep myself.

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16 Responses to “Notes On Charlie ~ May 14”

  1. DCP Says:

    Thank you so much for writing today’s post. Pictures are great, but words from the heart are precious and intimate, a personal sharing that …. I can’t find all the right words. Just, thank you.

  2. bekka Says:

    awwww…those are perfect pictures

  3. lenje Says:

    This post makes me happy :).

  4. Karen Says:

    The note about his expression makes me wonder if the ancient Americans who first told stories about trickster Coyote had actual coyote friends like you and Charlie. Too perfect!

  5. Marg Says:

    I love that canines have a sense of humor and will actually try to make us laugh and enjoy doing it. Proof that they have a soul.

  6. Kristan Says:


  7. Margaret Says:

    Thanks for the insight into his infectious personality!

  8. LJ Says:

    What a life overflowing with love. How wonderful each moment is.
    Thank you for sharing each detail so perfectly.

  9. mj Says:

    Shreve, whether you share pictures from your camera or from your heart, they are beautiful and always tell a heart warming story! Thank you for your artistry:)

  10. wright1 Says:

    Whether those moments are photographed or not, you’ve still been generous enough to share them. Thank you, Shreve.

  11. Jenny C Says:

    Thank you – delicious!

  12. DeeAnne Says:

    Those are the moments that are special to you and Charlie… they are your reward for your selfless care of him all these years. Enjoy them and never feel the need to apologize for not documenting them.. they were meant for you two not all of us.

  13. mlaiuppa Says:

    I can see those pictures in my head from your descriptions.

    I love to watch my dog sleep. I don’t turn on the light, but sometimes in the middle of the night I put out my hand just to touch him, sleeping on his side of the bed. He never wakes or changes his breathing. Although sometimes he sighs, a peaceful contented sort of sigh at my touch.

  14. hello haha harf Says:

    your loving words are just as much of a gift as your perfect pictures. i enjoy both equally.

  15. Beverly Says:

    The pictures are in my head now, too – thank you!

    We really have so much to learn from animals – enjoy life, be curious, sleep soundly.

  16. Janet in NYC Says:

    This is poetry

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