Notes On Charlie ~ May 30

Last time I wrote, I mentioned that Charlie still sleeps inside every night.
Most of the time, we wake up at the same time.

Sometimes, Charlie wakes up and wants to go out before I’m ready to get up, especially in winter when I have to psyche myself up to leave my warm bed and make a fire, and so I rigged a long fiberglass pole to the top corner of my back door and it reaches all the way to my sleeping loft, so I can open and close the door without getting out of bed. Super handy bonus of living in a small space.

But usually, we’re ready to start the day together. Charlie stands up and stretches and I put my contacts in and look at him and say “Gooood Moooornnnningggg” in a sing-song voice, and he starts whining and yipping and then lets loose with a howl, and then Chloe joins in (she’s lazy in the morning and outsleeps us all) and she starts barking and howling, too – while still lying down, and Charlie tap dances in circles and I start laughing and the cats jump off the bed and are like, “well I guess it’s MORNING, way to be subtle,” and the day is off and running.

(You can listen to an audio recording of our Good Morning by clicking HERE.)

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21 Responses to “Notes On Charlie ~ May 30”

  1. Sheri Says:

    That must be so fun to wake up to! I have a greyhound. Her good morning is just a loud sigh. And a slight whimper to say let me out to do my business. I would love some vigorous howling.

  2. Karen Says:

    Sounds like a lovely, morning ritual! I just drag myself out of bed with the promise of a cafe’ au lait.

  3. Clare Says:

    I played your morning sounds and Daisy, my Wheaten+lurcher jumped up on my lap and shook from head to toe!!!

  4. Eileen Says:

    Ha~ha~ha……I LOVE it!!

  5. wright1 Says:

    Nice editing; I like how the chorus dies down just before the end ;)

    It was just like listening to wild coyotes on the family property; it’s rare to spend a night there and not hear them. I’ll have to listen to some audio of jackals and hyenas and compare all three; that should be interesting.

  6. Chris P Says:

    5 am? I side with the cats.

  7. mj Says:

    I’m usually up by 4 or 4:30 AM so the time wouldn’t be a problem…but the neighbors wouldn’t appreciate the howling:) Not only is it good that you live in a small place, but one that isn’t right next to another house:) I did play the audio for my husband, who is not an earlier riser, just so he appreciates how quiet I am when I get up 4 hours ahead of him.

  8. Paul Forcier Says:

    Thanks for the soundbite. It makes Charlie more real to me.

  9. Barbara Says:

    It sounds a bit like animal breakfast time at my house (without coyote howls). They all sing. The sound of dancing dog feet can also be heard.

  10. Karyn Says:

    What a lovely chorus!

  11. Terrry Says:

    Cool! Thanks! I love this. :)
    Living in a city in a far-away country, I never hear coyotes at all; this is really wonderful.
    What a way to start the day!

  12. Maggie Says:

    Haha, I played the audio and my bigger dog, Grace, looked totally freaked out, and my little one, Winnie, started chiming in :)

  13. Nancy Says:

    OMG, I had to turn the sound WAAAAAYYYY down after the first few seconds!!
    Ha ha ha ha!!
    At least you don’t need an alarm clock!! ;)

    Thank you for sharing your morning ritual with us!

  14. mlaiuppa Says:

    Have Charlie and Chloe learned each other’s languages?

    Seems to me I hear Chloe doing some howling and Charlie doing some barking. (I watched the morning video too). I know coyotes howl and yip but I never thought of them much as barkers.

    You’re a pretty good yowler yourself.

  15. carmel Says:

    What a hoot!! All you need is Snake the Rooster to join in!!!!

  16. daily coyote Says:

    HA! YES.

  17. Shannon S. Says:

    When I played the audio for my 7 month old puppy Super Z, The Wonder Mutt (aka Zoe) she did the whole head tilt thing that dogs do then she started howling right along. Yea! I’ve been trying to get her to howl for months. Course she just looked at me like I’m a stupid human. I guess my howling sucks. :)

  18. Janet in NYC Says:

    My cats just went crazy!

  19. carmel Says:

    I played your audio recording this morning and my English Pointer Gracie, thought she’d died and gone to doggie heaven!!! She joined the chorous!! It was so funny.

  20. Sara Says:

    Oh lordy, that made my two urban, indoor-only, never met dogs cats go on high, bushy tail alert. The same two cats who wake me by attacking my feet under the covers and emerge from the nest they’ve made in my (short!) hair to knead my scalp with claws and ear nipping. And insistent werps, purrs and blindbanging.

    …I can’t decide if I’d prefer the yelpy cacophony or not. My toes might.

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