Roped In

photo taken June 2013

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5 Responses to “Roped In”

  1. Marg Says:

    We had a rope like that for our dog after she chewed her lighter weight one to pieces. She wouldn’t have anything to do with the new one as it was too tough to destroy but I bet Charlie made short work of this one.

  2. Taryn Says:

    Definitely one of my favorite photos of late….It’s wonderful!

  3. Scotty Says:

    rawr. who’s a guboy?

  4. Stacey B. Says:

    That is definitely one lush rope. :)

  5. Roberta Frizzell Says:

    I have just been reading your book.given to me because my daughter found a baby coyote in May.she quickly became a member of our family,though our chihuahua is still not onboard with a coyote in the house.Seeing Charlie gives us hope for a future with Cupcake.

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