Back In The Ol’ Days

photo taken May 2007

one year ago: Sleek
two years ago: Snaaaaake!
three years ago: Leader Of The Pack
four years ago: Film Still
five years ago: Is Charlie a trickster?

7 Responses to “Back In The Ol’ Days”

  1. NG in NH Says:

    OMG, what a cutie! His legs were so long and gangly then… And such big, pointy ears!

  2. Maggie Says:

    He looks very wild to me here, like those innate coyote instincts are right at the surface, despite the tie-out. He was such a handsome baby!

  3. wright1 Says:

    That adorable lankiness; he really did have to grow into his limbs and ears, didn’t he?

  4. TomT Says:

    Wow, that is one cute pup! He was a very lucky puppy too. :)

  5. carmel Says:

    What a cutie then and now!! He had a lot of growing to do!! Lucky Charlie:)

  6. mlaiuppa Says:

    Saw this article on outdoor bathtubs and thought of you.

    Of course yours is best because it is repurposed and free. The ones in the article were obviously built brand new (and expensive) to be outdoor bathtubs.

  7. Scotty Says:

    ~waves~ hi S. hope your summer is going well.

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