Light’s Light Touch

photo taken July 2013

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9 Responses to “Light’s Light Touch”

  1. wright1 Says:

    Such a handsome being: the clean lines of his muzzle, the subtle textures and coloring of his fur. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  2. Carol Says:

    Such an absolutely beautiful animal. Your photos are stunning.

  3. Maggie Says:

    He is so handsome! Goodness.

  4. bonnie Says:


  5. Chuck Says:

    Happy. He looks sooo happy.

  6. mj Says:

    Totally agree with all that has been said before, but please add, intelligent:) You can see it in his eyes. Such a handsome guy!

  7. Jenny C Says:

    Perfect photo – crisp, clear, revealing.

  8. carmel Says:


  9. Margaret Says:

    So handsome, so regal!

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