photo taken July 2013

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16 Responses to “Brownnoser”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Look at the intelligence in those eyes! Handsomest fella :)

  2. Terry Says:

    Those eyes… so intense, focused, beautiful!

  3. Terry Says:

    Oh what a great angle. He’s stunning. His coloring and stare are fabulous. Wow.

  4. Sheri Nugent Says:

    He’s a supermodel, don’t you think? Who poses like that? I’ve photographed animals – and nobody I’ve seen strikes a pose like this guy.

  5. Patr Says:

    The black nose looks like an angel. Which he is one ya know….

  6. wright1 Says:

    His expression seems wise and innocent at the same time: the perspective of wisdom and the acceptance of innocence. Beautifully captured moment.

  7. rwd47 Says:

    We talk about his good looks everyday. What I want to know is what was so interesting in Wyoming’s red dirt. He has quite a nose in this pic!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, he looks like he dipped his nose in cocoa powder!

  9. Karyn Says:

    Quite the stunner!

  10. Claire Says:

    I’m chuckling looking at Charlie. He is a ‘ham.” He knows when to pose and how to work the camera.

  11. Ed Morrow Says:

    Charlie is showing his age. It’s a great photograph. I wish I could look this intelligent.

  12. rockrat Says:

    That is so cool how camoflage is actually a riot of color up close. I wear brown with grey sometimes – never thought of adding a bit of black, white, and orange.

    What’s remarkable is how coyotes pick up on the local color. I swear some Alberta coyotes take on a white and green tinge to blend in with snow and evergreens

  13. TomT Says:

    Love this! I love his black whiskers. Those along with his dark nose are things I’ve never seen before. And that widows peak! :)

  14. Jenny C Says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Comedy and beauty, all at once. Again, enjoyed seeing you and great blue Wyo sky in Charlie’s eyes.

  15. Charly Says:

    I love the combination of his lovely soft eyes and clown nose. It’s a look I know all too well in my fox terriers, who revel in landscape excavation…

  16. Sandra Says:

    wonderful…… jeha… supermodel ;O) Charlie

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