Wild Bouquet

photo taken August 2013

one year ago: The Beginning Of The End
two years ago: Mountain Portrait
three years ago: Shedded Out & Looking Like A Pup!
four years ago: Coyote Catch
five years ago: Pointed
six years ago: It’s Bigger Than He Is

4 Responses to “Wild Bouquet”

  1. carmel Says:

    OMG, goes without saying…love this pic. :)

  2. TomT Says:

    Shreve, another beautiful pic. We see these shots of Charlie seemingly out of the yard and I was wondering if he has free reign or are you out there with him? Also, weird question – but, does he come when called? Just very curious, thanks.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    I’m pretty sure Shreve is with him as she is taking pictures. If he was running loose without her he could get shot.

  4. carmel Says:

    Tom T…check out her other site HONEY ROCK DAWN…if I remember they have a wide area of land, it’s double fenced so Charlie is safe and I believe he comes when called, just like a dog.

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