Forever Is Composed Of Nows

words by Emily Dickinson
photo taken October 2013

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6 Responses to “Forever Is Composed Of Nows”

  1. TomT Says:

    Very cool shot. It seems that you used flash with this one. It seems that he is so used to you and your camera now that he is very relaxed. My border collie becomes very aware of when I have my camera and it’s tricky to get a good shot of her. Charlie is a professional model.

  2. Karen Rodriguez Says:

    beautiful photo!

  3. shreve Says:

    T ~ no, I never use flash & yes, Charlie is a natural model!

  4. BobJ Says:

    Love your pictures Shreve

  5. Melissa Says:

    Beautiful picture of Charlie! And I love the title….it’s so very true!!

  6. wright1 Says:

    Image and title both lovely and well-matched.

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