photo taken October 2013

one year ago: Turkeyface
two years ago: Charlie And The Big Red Dog
three years ago: Chloe Photobomb
four years ago: Taste-Testing The Next Size Up
five years ago: Nature’s Nest
six years ago: My, What A Big Nose

5 Responses to “Autumnal”

  1. TomT Says:

    A very professorial look today almost as if he’s peering over his readers (glasses). His widows peak is very pronounced here. Such a handsome man.

  2. torre Says:

    awww what a sweet face – thinking hard on something!

    I keep forgetting to post – I got both calendars and I love them!! such great photos. And it’s fun to have the farmily calendar too. thank you so much for doing these!

  3. CobaltGS Says:

    How wonderful to have an eye-level perspective. Was he standing on something or were you crouching?

  4. volt Says:

    he looks so incredibly soft in this picture, I really like this one. love that widows peak too.

  5. Phyllis Schmidt Says:

    Beautiful!!! So handsome.

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