Happy Day

photo taken November 2013

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two years ago: The Autumn Path
three years ago: Cheeky
four years ago: The Takedown
five years ago: Still The Younger Brother
six years ago: Fuzz -from the archives-

12 Responses to “Happy Day”

  1. Johnathen Says:

    Good morning happy boy. It’s amazing how animals adapt to cold weather.
    Yesterday my outdoor Labradoor in -50F saw me coming and ran for her best toy, a twelve inch diam. Jolly Ball and sat upright in front of me ready to play.

  2. Sherri Cox Says:

    I just wanted to comment on what a beautiful picture of Charlie and surroundings you took! He looks great! So fluffy and so well cared for! You and Charlie rock!

  3. Vee Says:

    Simply gorgeous and exuding happiness.

  4. Eija Says:

    …my thoughts with this photo are along the same lines with the previous: Charlie looks so happy, confident, well-fed, fluffy-groomed…almost – well, not meaning to offend you, Charlie-boy – looking like a dog (German Shepherd) …anyhow, hope you know what a lucky coyote you are!

  5. wright1 Says:

    The body language of animals is so eloquent. His relaxation, happiness and delight in the person he’s looking at show in every line.

  6. Claire B. Says:

    What a handsome fellow.

  7. Torre Says:

    what a happy face!!!

  8. Jenny C Says:

    I never tire of seeing these beautiful shots of Charlie smiling! Great crisp definition. Love all the white fur that shows around his face in this shot.

  9. Susan Says:

    He looks so healthy and vital. Wonder how his wild counterparts look naturally this time of year. Charlie is certainly a handsome boy, so obviously doing well. Good for all of you!

  10. Kaaren G. Says:

    Dear Shreve:
    I don’t usually comment (this is my first time), but this photo of Charlie epitomizes, to me, the journey you and he have taken together. You saved Charlie’s life and raised him with love and extreme care to be the outstanding coyote he is. And, he knows it.
    I spent all of 2013 recovering from treatment for a rare cancer and I never missed looking at my daily photo of Charlie and others. I always click on “read more” to view older photos also. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing sunshine and poetry to my every day.
    I had to re-home my three year old standard Poodle when I became ill which just about killed me. But, thanks to you and Charlie, I could live vicariously through your photos.
    I hope you and the entire Farmily thrive in 2014 and beyond.
    Thank you,
    Kaaren G.

  11. Steph in Oregon Says:

    Hi Shreve!
    I’ve looked at this amazing photo several times today. My first thought was, “Charlie is really in his element.” As I looked at the photo I tried visualizing the background as being summertime–green trees and plants and red dirt, but this image is definitely winter-Charlie.

    To Kareen G., I hope you don’t mind me commenting on your comment. I wish you well this year and for years and years to come.

  12. Jenny C Says:

    Agree w/Steph in Oregon: All the best to you, Kaaren. Sounds like a very difficult year, to say the least, and so sorry about your poodle. May you fully recover and know joy. Blessings to you.

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