photo taken December 2013

one year ago: Roly Poly Snowy
two years ago: Stalking In The Stalks
three years ago: First Snow Of The Season
four years ago: Camera Hog
five years ago: As Tall As A Pillow
six years ago: The Ratio’s The Same, Just Reversed

3 Responses to “Smile”

  1. Karen Says:

    Joy joy.

  2. volt Says:

    regarding snow Chloe in HRD:
    boy what a look she’s giving you.. looks like she’s barely tolerating that camera. if looks could kill.. she ain’t playin’! great pictures.

    (I tried posting my comment over there but it wouldn’t let me, so I’ll try here!)

    I like this picture of Charlie btw!

  3. Anne W. Says:

    how I wish all animals could feel that contentment!

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