A Delicate Step

photo taken December 2013

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three years ago: Second Spot Of Snow, With Stuffie
four years ago: Love….
five years ago: He’s Got The Right Idea
six years ago: Restin’

5 Responses to “A Delicate Step”

  1. Keromi Says:

    Charlie is so handsome now I remember when he was little in the pics!

  2. Aylune Says:

    I’ve never seen Charlie before but now I really like him! I’ve never seen a coyote so handsome before…

  3. Aylune Says:

    Where can I find a Coyote to have as a pet? :3

  4. wagga Says:

    Aylune: As a person who has raised both a joey & a coyote, I highly recommend that you read Shreve’s book first.

  5. wright1 Says:

    I love how this image captures the details of his toes, the grace of his long legs. Amazing.

    Aylune, you were probably at least partly joking, but let me second wagga’s advice.

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