Groundhog, I warned you! I’ve had enough winter!

photo taken January 2014

Truth: the reason I stopped doing the caption contests was because it was too hard to single out a winner each week. And it was hard this morning. But Heidi, you nailed it, and I think you speak (through Charlie) for us all!  I’ll be emailing you to set up your prize.

Honorable Mentions:
FURthering his collection
No, really. I’m stuffed.
Canis Major loves Ursa Minor
I see your antler chew and raise you this bearsquid

Thanks to one and all!

The caption contest is back!  At least for today…. let’s have some fun.
Think up a caption for this photo, leave your wit and brilliance in the comment section, enter as many times as you like, and I’ll do the agonizing work of choosing a winner.

The winner (announced here, Tuesday morn) will receive three free months of the Daily Coyote subscription: daily pics of Charlie emailed directly to you, well in advance of when they appear here on the blog and much bigger, to boot. Yeehaw!

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39 Responses to “Groundhog, I warned you! I’ve had enough winter!”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Plush Prey

  2. Paul Forcier Says:

    Whaaat? I’ve seen Eli bring home presents for mom.

  3. Paul Forcier Says:

    Tastes like chicken!

  4. Torre Says:

    hmmmm, thought it might taste like elk

  5. m.v. Says:

    What do you mean I am “Carrying the Kitten Wrong” ?
    Eli laughing to himself as he walks away “that pup never learns”.

    Not a caption but this little scenario came to mind when I saw the picture.

  6. Terry Says:

    The Itsy Bitsy Spider…..

  7. kay Says:

    I luv my teddypus!

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Chomping Cthulu

  9. Marg Says:

    It’s so cold my teeth need a scarf !!

  10. Mindy Says:

    oh, my minions.

  11. nina Says:

    Fuzzy Wuzzies

  12. Paul Forcier Says:

    Hey! It’s safer than sheep.

  13. Bob Says:

    I chew-chew-choose you!

  14. SheilaE. Says:

    4 legs down; 4 to go!

  15. Gina L Says:

    Hey Mom where do you want this spider I got?

  16. Jude Says:

    Is it to late to cheer on the Denver Broncos?

  17. Bruce Evans Says:

    FURthering his collection.

  18. Sue Says:

    Wild Wubbavore

  19. LJ Says:

    Ha! Chloe’s never gonna find you – this time!

  20. Heidi Says:

    Groundhog, I warned you! I’ve had enough winter!

  21. mj Says:

    Yummy, yummy, I loves the little tummy!


    Ummm! Tummy sandwiches are the best!

  22. Chris P Says:

    No, really. I’m stuffed.

  23. Johnathen Says:

    “Squibb’d again”

  24. volt Says:

    I see your antler chew
    and raise you this bearsquid

  25. volt Says:

    got milk?

  26. Terry Says:

    1.8 Million years of coyote evolution and this fuzzy thing I’m chewing just came out of a Chinese GMO lab last week!

  27. Richard Reynolds Says:

    Octopus? …What Octopus!

  28. Becky Says:


  29. Kaaren G. Says:

    I got this, Mom!

  30. Alice Says:

    I have plans for you, my little friend.

  31. Korissa Says:

    Chloe has an elf bone, while I have this stuff toy?

  32. Roxie Says:

    Chock Full O’Squid

  33. Roxie Says:

    Land Shark

  34. Barbara Jarvik Says:

    I’m knot ready!

  35. Barbara R Says:

    Canis Major loves Ursa Minor

  36. Patty Urban Says:

    “Should I shake it, or snuggle up with it? I just can’t decide, so I’ll carry it for a while and think about it.”

  37. carmel Says:

    Mmmm good! Lift off!

  38. Karyn Says:

    Squirrel?? What squirrel?

  39. Jenny C Says:

    Innocence lost… and found.

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