Well Hello There, Pilgrim

photo taken January 2014

one year ago: Look To The Light
two years ago: Snowflakeface
three years ago: Coooold.
four years ago: He’s So Pretty
five years ago: Nibble Chomp
six years ago: Naps

6 Responses to “Well Hello There, Pilgrim”

  1. kay Says:


  2. Barbara Says:

    Charlie and the Raven. Sounds like a book title, doesn’t it?

  3. pam Says:

    Exactly!!! a coffee book table with all the pictures! and the cover is of Charlie and his new found friend, the raven. Surely a publishing house will want to publish this.

    No words necessary…just pages and pages of pictures .

  4. wright1 Says:

    You’re spoiling us with all this Charlie-carpet content. Please keep it up.

    And I beg like Charlie does for cheese for at least one pic of Charlie and Preacher Raven.

  5. Scotty Says:

    just try and take my carpet.

  6. shreve Says:

    w – I’m working on it!!

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