Rated For 40-Below

photo taken January 2014

one year ago: To The Trees
two years ago: Islands Of Light
three years ago: monochROAMatic
four years ago: Apparently It’s Not Eli That Charlie Bows To, It’s The Color Orange.
five years ago: Autumn Leaves, Halloween Skull
six years ago: Ear Poses

8 Responses to “Rated For 40-Below”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Thank for this great photo of Charlie.

  2. Linda Lu Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! No other words needed.

  3. Larry M Gage Says:

    Read your book. You are good with the written word…your photographs show where your true talent is however.

  4. mj Says:

    What a stunning portrait!

  5. oksana Says:

    true beauty!!!

  6. carmel Says:

    Charlie’s Ready

  7. JaneK Says:

    I came to you from The 7MSN site(www.the7msnranch.com you should check it out, judging from yours, I think you would like). A couple of people mentioned you. Charlie is GORGEOUS! How amazing and what an interesting story you have. I have added your blog to my feed list and look forward to following you.

  8. Torre Says:

    He sure has a thick coat for the winter! Whew – I wonder just how much will fall out come spring/summer?!

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