This Simple Beauty

photo taken February 2014

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6 Responses to “This Simple Beauty”

  1. wright1 Says:

    Lovely; a classic profile.

    It makes me wonder: is there something about the proportions of a coyote’s head / face that is fundamentally distinct from domestic canines? Dogs tend to have shorter snouts and larger eyes than wolves, for instance. A similar effect was noted in the classic Russian experiment with breeding foxes for domestication in just a few generations.

  2. Jenny C Says:

    Indeed. The very best example of a healthy, happy coyote. Look at that coat, with its hundreds of colors, and those beautiful eyes.

  3. Anne W. Says:

    a penny for your thoughts; I think he feels contentment and love!

  4. taffy Says:

    i see that too Anne! contentment and love. Yes indeed, what a beauty he is!

  5. Ellen Says:

    I just finished readying your tender, beautiful book. I, too, fell in love with Wyoming nearly twenty years g, on my honeymoon with my second husband. We stayed in an old beat up cabin out on the plains under the Wind River Mountains. We had to take our old cat, Mercator, with us…the wind howled over the land, the skies were astonishingly full of color and changing lights. Each day we left the old cabin to explore the land, the mountains, the more well traveled and well heeled places of Wyoming as well (Jackson)…but our greatest joy was in returning each night to our old cabin that sat so isolated in the middle of its landscape where we would sit out on the creaky porch with Mercator and stare endlessly at the mountains, sky, and land. I’ve been trying to get us back to Wyoming or Montana or Colorado for the past twenty years; we are both in higher education. If I were alone, I’d have my four rescued dogs, two old cats and my favorite books packed and moved in one breathless heartbeat. You probably read or have read Gretel Ehrlich….Wyoming calls me through books and photos and dreams. Keep writing of your life there. Is there another book coming soon? Your story of Charlie and Eli and you is simply magical, enlightening, profoundly full of great notions and questions…I am ordering a calendar. How I’d love to meet Charlie and Eli and your dog and your cow and your horse…what grand courage and strength of inner truth it took for you to know that you belonged there. You inspire me to keep looking for ways to return. What a beautiful portrait of a life so deeply lived and explored is your book. Charlie is so beautiful, as is your story.

  6. Alister Scheidler Says:

    Such a handsome boy! Loved following y’all! Thank you so much!

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