photo taken February 2014

one year ago: Icee Treat
two years ago: Ground Level
three years ago: Icy Afternoon
four years ago: In His Snowsuit
five years ago: Cat Is King
six years ago: Bow Sprit

3 Responses to “Yip”

  1. james nicol Says:

    Absolutely loved your story. I grew up hunting with my dad and we would always raise the young if we accidentally killed their mothers( kangaroo, walaby, rabbits). They seen like great animals. Canine s are great companions also.
    Hope he grows old gracefully

  2. Cathy Thompson Says:

    Great photo, Shreve, but I humbly request more soundbites to go with, please :)

  3. wright1 Says:

    Pink yawn, dusted with snow. Perfectly captured.

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