Little Bo Peep

photo taken March 2014

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14 Responses to “Little Bo Peep”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. Handsome

  2. judi Says:

    Damn. He is beautiful.

  3. Leslie Says:

    Wow….he is handsome indeed…love the expression you captured.

  4. Charly Says:

    Melt! What a lovely, soft expression–

  5. Jeanne Says:

    He is STUNNING!

  6. carmel Says:

    What a hunk! What a poser! Love…

  7. TomT Says:

    Love it! He looks so sweet there.

  8. taffy Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. and such a sweet boy. And he is so polite!
    Wish the poor coyotes around us looked as healthy and full of peace.

  9. Andrea Abernethy Says:

    I loved the book about Charlie as I did Dayton Hyde’s “Don Coyote” and his others. Over the years I have spent many a night and day in the vast Eastern Oregon wilds, now at my sister Ranch in N.N.E. Oregon. Its a real thrill to watch these beautiful animals do their thing, no wonder their called the trickster. I know when they are around as the Lama’s tell me, than its time to stop and watch. Its still cold here and snow is in the high country still so I begin my day at this site admiring the wonder of Gods creation, often thinking of Shreve and the opening of this experience that has now carrier her into the hearts and minds of so many of us. The Ranchers in the Klamath Basin of the past century paid a heavy price for the wanton destruction of the Coyote. The Native People are right, stop. listen and watch, the trickster will teach you much

  10. Patr Says:

    That makes me want to do some ear rubbin……

  11. Carol K Says:

    Little Bo Peep- where’s your sheep? I won’t hurt them, promise.

  12. Stella Says:

    Hi Shreve, this is something I had always wanted to ask but too shy to, until now. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I notice Charlie still has his collar on, always, at all times it seems (while Chloe never does) . Did you ever had a need for it or was there ever a moment you thought to yourself, ‘gee, I am glad the collar is there?’ I remember from reading your book that there had been tense moments between you and Charlie when he was testing you or was trying to assert authority over you. I know the collar didn’t play a part back then but just wondered if there were particular reasons for you to keep a collar on him. Perhaps you had already answered this question, back when you opened the flood gate, was that last year, or 2 years ago? In any case, I don’t remember seeing this question asked, about the collar.

  13. shreve Says:

    S ~ the main reason I keep Charlie’s collar on him at all times is to advertise “HE IS A PET!” His safety is constantly on my mind, and the collar is just one of many things I have in place to try to protect him, which all work in conjunction. And it makes it easier to clip on a leash. When I walk Chloe on a leash, I put a collar on her, too, but it’s become a unit, so I take off her collar to take off the leash!

  14. Lesley Says:

    Who could resist that face? So innocent, so handsome, so debonair!

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