Beyond The Fence & Tumbleweeds

photo taken March 2014

one year ago: Golden Hour
two years ago: Fraggleface
three years ago: A Reminder Of What Summer Looks Like
four years ago: Trimming The Weeds
five years ago: Chloe Finds Bone, Chloe Keeps Bone
six years ago: Charlie Eating With Eli

3 Responses to “Beyond The Fence & Tumbleweeds”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Stunning… this is a beautiful photo, Shreve.

    (P.S. – dogface t-shirt bizarro and hilarious.)

  2. Kaitlyn Says:

    You do amazing work and you are my inspiration when I take photos of my own.

  3. Johnathen Says:

    This photo is like a magnet, I just keep coming back to it.
    Thank you for the years of sharing with Charlie. He is the
    Second person I look for each morning.

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