Heart Of Gold

photo taken April 2014

one year ago: Toy Destruction Aftermath
two years ago: Fraggleface
three years ago: A Reminder Of What Summer Looks Like
four years ago: That Smile!
five years ago: Lullaby
six years ago: He Hasn’t Quite Figured It Out

3 Responses to “Heart Of Gold”

  1. Taylor Says:

    I remember you used to take Charlie and Chloe (with Eli tagging along) on long walks. I know you have a fenced in yard for them, but do you still get to take them on those walks?

    As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ray Dolor Says:

    Is Eli even still with you? I lost my big orange tom a year ago last February.

  3. Jenny C Says:

    Is the light shining on him… or from him? Hehe. Just beautiful.

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