Seven Years Old!

photo taken April 2014

one year ago: To Be, And Beyond
two years ago: Sliver Of Song
three years ago: Prize Pheasant
four years ago: Urchin
five years ago: Popping Up To Say Hi
six years ago: Trying To Fly

46 Responses to “Seven Years Old!”

  1. Patr Says:

    Well, HAPPY birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  2. summerhorse Says:

    Happy, happy Charlie!!

  3. m.v. Says:

    Wow. How time flies. Seems like yesterday you were just a little ball of fluff.
    Have a great day Charlie.

  4. moondoggie Says:

    yowza–it is hard to believe you and Charlie (and the rest of the farmily) have been around and delighting us with your photography for seven years. we are all so lucky to have found you!

  5. Holly Says:

    What a handsome Birthday Boy he is…….Happy Birthday Charlie……

  6. Torre Says:

    Hard to believe Charlie is 7 years old! and what a handsome guy – love his shadow in this picture.

  7. Taryn Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie! I’ve truly enjoyed admiring you all these years!

    Thank you Shreve for sharing Charlie with us all this time.

  8. Micae Says:

    May the birthday fairy bring you a 8 elf legs. One for every year and another to grow on.

  9. Claire C Says:

    Happy 7th Birthday to Charlie! Thanks for sharing his life journey with us. He is truly a magnificent animal and has given so many a chuckle through your pictures. Thanks for sharing him Shreve and reminding all of us what are truly the important things in our lives.

  10. Susan Says:

    Such a beauty. and Yes. The shadow is classic.

  11. Judy Ziegenhorn Says:

    I have enjoyed Charlie’s pictures all these years. Watching him grow up and watching you take control. He is a beautiful animal. Love your book about him. Happy Birthday

  12. Tanya Says:

    I just had to decloak and wish Charlie a very Happy Birthday!
    7 Years! How time flies!

  13. Jeanette Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!! I can’t believe you are 7.

  14. wright1 Says:

    So ploofy! The two of you have a great day!

  15. bonnie Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie! you are one lucky coyote. and we all are lucky to have you in our lives. thank you shreve and mike.

  16. Alyxx Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!
    I’ve been following since you were so very tiny….and now look at you!

    Shreve, thank you for allowing us into your life – 7 years is a long time, and an amazing commitment – through happy and sad, through just the pup to your whole 4 legged family.

    Bright Summer with cooling breezes to you!

  17. Ellen Says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Charlie! Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been looking at your pics for SEVEN years! Thank you so much, Shreve, for posting so many awesome pics of my favorite coyote!

  18. Faye Says:

    Look at that smile. Adorable birthday boy! Thank you, Shreve, and your sweet coyote, for brightening my days, every day. Happy happy b-day, Charlie!!

  19. jw Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!!! You look so content. Wishing you continuing happiness, good health, and peace, for it looks as though you’ve found it all with Shreve and your farmily!

  20. Lori Says:

    Such a handsome man. Where has time gone? I hope you have a simply splendiferous day!

  21. Karen Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!!

    Thank you, Shreve, for having given him a loving home for all these years and for sharing him with us!

  22. mj Says:

    Happy belated birthday Charlie, and if memory serves me, Happy belated birthday to you too, Shreve. What a wonderful seven years it has been. Seen Charlie develop and the farmily as well. Wishing you both many more wonderful years and hope that you continue to share it with us!

  23. nina Says:

    Many happy returns Charlie, may you continue as you have begun and have a long and happy life with your Shreve.

  24. Sue Says:

    It has been a great seven years following Charlie. Hoping for many, many more.

  25. SK Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie! I look forward to your posted picture every day and always go back and look at the ones in the archives for that day, too! Can’t get enough of YOU!!!

  26. Claire B. Says:

    Charlie, Happy Birthday! What a handsome guy. Isn’t 7 years old in canine years considered a senior? Looking good.
    Thanks Shreve for sharing Charlie and your farmily with us. It’s been wonderful.

  27. Maggie Says:

    Happy (belated?) Birthday Charlie! Since it’s an April pic, was his b-day last month? Or it’s today, and it’s just a great pic that happened to be captured last month… I’m over-thinking this :P

  28. Steph in Oregon Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie!
    Thank you Shreve for sharing Charlie and so much more with us. And thank you Mike for your part in all of this…it’s where it all began.

  29. Sandy G.c Says:

    Wow, am I shocked that it has been 7 years already! I have followed you and Charlie since he was teeny, tiny. I hadn’t realized it has been that long, but I have loved following your lives and adventures. Thanks for sharing it with us and Happy Birthday to Charley.

  30. mlaiuppa Says:

    Best wishes on a joyous natal day to our dear Charles.

    I hope he gets an extra special treat today. And butt scratches or belly rubs or whatever it is that is his favorite thing.

    Such a handsome boy.

  31. bekka Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie!

  32. Maggie Says:


  33. carmel Says:

    Happy Birthday Dude! Thanks Shreve and Mike!

  34. Jenny C Says:

    Everyone said it all so very well!

    Happy birthday, Charlie-darling, and thank you so much, Shreve, for everything!

  35. Christine D. Says:

    So happy for all of you! Your story and pictures have touched so many people around the world. Thank you for sharing with us :)

  36. Bobbie Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Charlie!!!! So very glad you’re with us and we get to share your life in pictures. You make my day!

  37. Kris Says:

    Awesome, happy birthday Charlie! It’s a rare day that my morning doesn’t start things the right way. Thank you for allowing you’re pet human to share :-)

  38. Ann Says:

    I never realized our boys were the same age! Happy birthday Charlie (Conner is just 2 months older)

  39. pogonip Says:

    Thanks for seven years of smiles, stories and wonderful photos. Happy Birthday, Charlie!

  40. Barbara R~ Says:

    Happy Birthday to the coyote who changed everything, in a lot of lives. Let’s go for another 7… eh, Charlie? xoxo

  41. Wendy B. Says:

    Happy birthday, Charlie! I hope you get everything you want, but not necessarily what you deserve. ;)

    Oh, who am I kidding? A good boy like him deserves everything he wants!

  42. Vanessa Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie!! Hard to believe just a “few years ago” you were introduced to the world….its been amazing to see you grow.

    THANK YOU Shreve for sharing his every step with us. <3

  43. siobhanmcc Says:

    Happy belated Charlie! My how time flies…Thanks for sharing Charlie and the rest of your farmily with us Shreve! oo-xx

  44. Deanna Says:

    I can’t believe he’s SEVEN!!! WOW!! It’s been SO great following him and your farmily over the years and have watched it expand—expand—expand!! He’s still as gorgeous as ever.

  45. NancyB Says:

    Charlie just keeps getting better with each additional year! He is just like you in this way! Much love to you both. :)

  46. leah in indiana Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Charlie! As I was catching up with pictures I could not help but notice what a dapper gentleman you have become while still holding on to your youthful playfulness.

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