Sneak Peek

photo taken April 2014

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One Response to “Sneak Peek”

  1. Patty Chadwick Says:

    Several years ago, I made a Sioux plains style Hand drum. When it was completed, I painted a three-quarters view of the head of a coyote on it. It sits on a shelf, smiling down at me now. I never play it, because EVERY time I did, something annoying would happen…nothing big, just irritating and frustrating. I finally decided It was a real Iktomi (trickster) drum…so be it (it did have a good voice). Your beautiful animal looks much like the one I painted. I had a wolf hybrid…my soulmate for 9 short years. Hearing your story, seeing your pics. reminds me how terribly much I miss him…good luck with your pup!

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