Dirty Window

photo taken May 2014

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5 Responses to “Dirty Window”

  1. Charly Says:

    All the windows in my house that have a chair nearby look exactly like this, because my terriers try to climb through them to get at squirrels, birds, chipmunks, bugs – anything with a pulse. I give up trying to keep the windows clean and just enjoy looking out windows they can’t reach.

  2. Felyne Says:

    Remind us again what your house is made of – is this a box window or are your walls a foot thick (if I recall they are pretty thick).

  3. Hallan Says:

    To paraphrase a wall plaque that I bought for my mother several years ago:

    “My window’s aren’t dirty- that’s my coyote’s nose art!”

  4. Diane Says:

    lovely photo!

    The colours, the composition and the lighting are all very pleasing.

    I obviously do not have a coyote, but my windows look quite similar. (I have a cat. And the house I live in has nearly three-foot-thick walls)

  5. pam Says:

    I didn’t even notice! I was much too busy looking at the gorgeous scenery and Charlie!
    All my windows look the same way from my cats and my own Charlie trying to get at the birds and other animals outside.

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