Charlie’s New Bed

photo taken May 2014

Charlie developed the habit of dragging regular dog beds outside, which, much of the year, meant he would drag his bed through the red Wyoming mud. It became more of a mess than I wanted to deal with, so I upgraded him to a secondhand twin mattress. He can’t drag this very far!

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12 Responses to “Charlie’s New Bed”

  1. Patr Says:

    Matress by CoyoteSleeper you will have a yip yip yipping good sleep.

  2. Marg Says:

    Who’s a spoiled boy???? Totally deserving however.

  3. NG in NH Says:

    Give him time; I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to get it outside! :-D

  4. mlaiuppa Says:

    Bwa ha ha! We will always win because we have opposable thumbs.

  5. mj Says:

    Charlie’s got a room with a view, a comfy new mattress, what could be better? Okay sleeping outside and smelling the fresh outdoor smells and sleeping under the sun, stars and the moon. Never mind!

  6. Jenny C Says:

    New bed, you behind the camera, launch pad and open window… doesn’t get any better ‘n that.

  7. Badger Says:

    The operative term being…. “very far”. :P


  8. carmel Says:

    Aww, now that’s some bed! Lucky Charlie.

  9. shreve Says:

    B ~ totally!!!

  10. kathryn Says:

    SO when do you put the sheets and comforter on it? We know you will!

  11. rockrat Says:

    Well, he really likes his night bed outside for daytime naps. Working with that, how about shaping a dog bed out of smooth hard rocks, heating electrodes, and cement (anything less will get chewed up) and lining it with a nice orange brown mexican blanket or burlap sack that he can carry more easily, and you can shake out or wash more easily.

    That mattress will be destroyed in one month.

  12. shreve Says:

    I love internet psychics. Charlie’s mattresses survive about two years each –
    here’s the first from 2010:
    and the second:
    This new bed is #3 and everyone’s happy.

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