In ‘N Out

photo taken June 2014

one year ago: Howdy Hey
two years ago: Weekend Begins Now
three years ago: Yum Yum
four years ago: Mad Dash
five years ago: Downward Dogs
six years ago: Backlit & Blended

4 Responses to “In ‘N Out”

  1. Johnathen Says:

    At first I thought I saw a Fox, before I. Saw Charlie.
    Love thoughs little feet and big bushy tail.

  2. Micaela Morris Says:

    Not a doggie door….a coyote door!

  3. mlaiuppa Says:

    Through the window? The window is the “coyote door”?

    Does Chloe enter and exit through the window too?

  4. Jenny C Says:

    Love, love, love this photo! Look how cuuute his face is! Talk about coyote heaven – great house and free access to all outdoors… in Wyoming.

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