photo taken June 2014

one year ago: Dust Up
two years ago: Serious Shedding
three years ago: Miss Oblivious
four years ago: Mouthfull
five years ago: Shadow Eyes
six years ago: Snow Nose

4 Responses to “Shaggy”

  1. torre Says:

    look at that tail! i bet he feels so good when he sheds all that fur.

  2. wright1 Says:

    Caught in mid-yawn and mid-shed!

  3. Charly Says:

    What’s Charlie’s response when you return from a trip? Does he show that he has missed you, or does he take it in stride?

  4. mlaiuppa Says:

    I look at this picture and I think of the people that spin dog fur into yarn. Pet owners gather the undercoat they brush out and send it in and it’s spun into yarn. Then it is knitted into thing to remember their pets. A scarf or hat or something.

    My dogs have never had a thick enough coat.

    But every year when I see Charlie shedding his winter coat I think about dog yarn.

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