Wooly Dreads

This is the first time I’ve seen these wooly dreads on Charlie, and I had to take a few pics before pulling them out. Charlie finally started shedding and it’s happened SO quickly – handfuls of underwool loosening and blowing out like dandelion puffs. I can gather a football-size wad of wool in minutes just from pulling these floofy fur puffs off his body. The other day, it started raining and Charlie went out to play in the rain. He came in with this hilarious new look – the tufts of wool had gotten wet, and when he shook, repeatedly, while out in the rain, he had turned the tufts into thick, yarn-like streamers.

photo taken July 2014

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4 Responses to “Wooly Dreads”

  1. Charly Says:

    Our Newfoundlands used to look like this in the fall. A quick grooming of just one dog could easily yield a whole garbage bag full of hair, and if they shook it snowed black tufts of hair. However, they always looked just beautiful when the new, shiny black hair emerged from underneath, so it was always worth it.

  2. Marg Says:

    Our dog hated this time of year when her fur was falling out as we always pulled on them to finish the job and it must have still been attached somehow as she would yelp and take off. She tried very hard to stay out of reach until they were all out. Miss her so much!

  3. mlaiuppa Says:

    At least he lets you pull them out.

    I had a doberman labrador cross and he had a pitiful undercoat in the winter, just enough to do the dreadlock thing when he shed in the spring. Except they would wind into tight fur balls with his regular fur so you couldn’t pull them out. And they’ll pull so he’d lick them and make them worse. I would take scissors and carefully cut them off and a week later he’d be Bob Marley again.

    I finally started taking him to the groomer every spring to get shaved. Everything but his head and tail. You never saw a dog regain the fountain of youth so fast. He was like a puppy every time I picked him up from his spring grooming.

    Will Charlie let you brush him at all? If so, he could certainly use a Furminator. I had my doubts but my Mom got one (the original one, not a knock off) and it works beautifully on her lab. The dogs loves it.

  4. Gindy51 Says:

    This year even our short coated dogs are shedding out fast, I mean easily football sized wads. I save it for spring and bird nesting season.

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