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two years ago: Shadow Sparks
three years ago: Such A Coyote
four years ago: Like Easter Morn
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seven years ago: Bundle Of Love

7 Responses to “Sunrise”

  1. TomT Says:

    Is he responding to other coyotes calls nearby, or is he just getting it out of his system? Is this a regular thing he does (kinda like a big rooster) ?

    I need to find a PBS Nature show on coyotes. There’s got be one.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    I would lce to hear that to welcome every day!

  3. Stefan Jones Says:

    Charlie looks so sleek here, compared to his winter photos.

    I still don’t have a clear picture of how big Charlie is.

    This morning I saw a coyote jinking and weaving his way to cover as my dog and I walked along the edge the field where he was hunting. It was late dawn; I picture him having worked overtime and being kind of ticked off at being spotted. He was so small, just a couple of sizes larger than a fox.

  4. shreve Says:

    T ~ we sing together in the morning, and he sings when Mike or I drive in or out. He’s never responded or even acknowledged other coyotes (which we do hear, often).

    J ~ it’s a really wonderful way to start the day!

    S ~ Charlie is knee-high to me. If you click the Current Pics tab near the top of the page, there’s a picture of us together. Low camera angle, so we both look a bit giant, but you can see his relative size.

  5. carmel Says:

    Cock-a-Doodle-Do!!! I think it’s awesome that you replied to all the questions. You’re busy too…

  6. Deb Says:

    Nice way to start the day, for sure.
    Is Charlie’s outer coat quite coarse or does it just appear that way due to its varigated color?
    Great picture for my birthday week!

  7. shreve Says:

    D ~ It’s much coarser than his underfur & wool, which is SO soft. It’s not like a brillo pad, but the hairs are thick and a bit stiff.

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