I Would Ride With You Upon The Wind

words by Yeats
photo taken August 2014

one year ago: Brownnoser
two years ago: And Again With The Carpet
three years ago: Summer Smile
four years ago: Window To The Coyote Soul
five years ago: Sphinx
six years ago: The Winter Coat
seven years ago: Stray Feather

5 Responses to “I Would Ride With You Upon The Wind”

  1. summerhorse Says:

    Goes without saying, but he is completely gorgeous – sigh.

  2. mj Says:

    Happy smile!

  3. Dave Wallace Says:

    Best photo/caption ever on DC.

  4. wright1 Says:

    For unadulterated humor, joy and happiness, look to the canine. Well done, Shreve.

  5. Jenny C Says:

    Look at that beautiful boy! Love the caption… and wouldn’t you just love to do that with him?

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