The difference between dogs & coyotes Part II

Based upon my experience with Charlie, Chloe, and the various dogs I know/ have known in my life, DOGS ARE SO MUCH EASIER!  Part of this has to do with the experience I’ve gained from raising Charlie, and part of it is Chloe’s personality. But here are some little daily examples of the difference between them.

Chloe is obedient in the absolute. It seems her decisions are solely determined by what is being asked of her, what I want, and what would make me happy. Charlie, on the other hand, does what I ask, but it seems he often calculates in his mind whether it in HIS best interests as well as mine. Much more like a person. He follows commands, especially when we’re out on walks and with serious things like “drop it” when he steals the phone or other contraband, but when we’re just hanging out, the calculations come into play. If he’s outside playing and I want him to come in, it often takes the promise of cheese, so that he sees there’s something in it for him.

Other differences – Chloe smells way more like a dog. WAY stronger, heavier scent. Charlie’s scent is far more discrete. It’s the difference between a stargazer lily and a wildflower.

Chloe’s movements are heavier and more abrupt as well, despite her athleticism. Charlie moves much more like a cat than a domestic dog. Actually, in all of these descriptions, Charlie is closer in behavior and demeanor to a domestic cat than a domestic dog.

Edited to add, after receiving several emails pondering Eli’s influence on Charlie: I think the cat-ishness is coyote nature – MC sees it in the wild, and I’m always amazed when I watch foxes in the wild as they move EXACTLY like cats, and yet they are canines as well. My personal theory, after watching so many wild animals since I’ve been here, is that humans, as a species, have contributed to the development of certain traits in domestic dogs. With a life of conveniences comes a certain complacency…. But that’s an essay in itself!