My Munchkin

photo taken September 2014

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8 Responses to “My Munchkin”

  1. Vee Says:

    So very adorable, that face.

  2. Scotty Says:

    have you seen my moose?

  3. Linda Lu Says:

    There’s that silly little grin, again. And the curiosity in his eyes! Love it!

  4. EIJA Says:

    Quanto e dolce!!

  5. Says:

    awww what a sweet face!

  6. mj Says:

    Does Charlie tolerate (or accept) hugs and kisses and “fluffs” or is he above that “silly dog/human stuff”? I’d find it hard not to offer him lots of loving. What an adorable face:)

  7. Jenny C Says:

    The Mona Lisa… only cuter, and with eyebrows.

  8. Karen Says:

    Most handsome.

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