An Easy Smile

photo taken September 2014

one year ago: Sunny Outlook
two years ago: August Warmth
three years ago: Alpine Aristocrat
four years ago: Backlit Beauty
five years ago: Do you know you quite often make the typo “elf leg” instead of “elk leg”?
six years ago: Riding High
seven years ago: You Look Funny When You Yawn, Too

3 Responses to “An Easy Smile”

  1. wright1 Says:

    What sleight-of-snout lets him hide that ivory-fringed tunnel behind a mere six inches of smile?? He’s a handsome trickster, all right…

  2. tellmesomethinggood Says:

    Looking so pleased as he surveys his world!

  3. Jenny C Says:

    Contentment… with a side of mischief.

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