photo taken September 2014

one year ago: Good Morning, Magic
two years ago: Late Summer Love
three years ago: Thunderstormy
four years ago: Midflight!
five years ago: Chase Me, U Know U Wanna
six years ago: Happyhead
seven years ago: Stogie

5 Responses to “Boing”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Oh, this is wonderful. Awesome capture. Beautiful colors, beloved Charlie in full fluff-and-frolick and, as always, that face and those eyebrows! Hard to tell from a still, but I do believe he’s… prancing. :)

    (Imagining chickies running through dry leaves – made my morning, hehe.)

  2. Taryn Says:

    Charlie looks incredibly pleased with the moment!

  3. wright1 Says:

    Amazing capture: his prance, his expression, the green, yellow and purple framing him. Very well done.

  4. Torre Says:

    awwww so much happiness!

    I got my calendar today!! just love it – each year I say it’s the best but truthfully, they all are :) so much of Charlie’s personality shines through.

    I tried and tried to leave a comment on honey rock dawn – to no avail – Mac/Safari must not be playing nice. Everyone’s comments were so moving –

  5. Janet M Says:

    What a fabulous picture. His expression is wonderful, definitely a contender for the next calendar.

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