photo taken October 2014

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3 Responses to “Yodel”

  1. Janet in Cambridge MA Says:

    I wish I could hear that howl! Coyote and wolf howls are lovely.

  2. Johnathen Says:

    Yes the yip is special. Many envenings after sundown I will here a lone coyote call out on one side of our valley , then a little later on the other side you will here another, then a hell breaks loose.
    While in SD this year i was lucky to see and here four timber wolves singing at the top of there voice, it was just like they had waited for me to appear. At first it was hard to think they were for real since my wife and I came upon them so unexpectedly.
    My dog loves to here Charlie .

  3. wright1 Says:

    Classic image of Charlie completely absorbed in his song. Thanks, Shreve.

    My family spent Thanksgiving at our ranch; we heard coyotes serenading the first night we were there. I howled back; they were courteous enough to respond. Though if translated, it probably wouldn’t have been complimentary.

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