Glutton For Love

I often get emails asking if Charlie is affectionate, if he likes to get pet, etc.
He is! He does! He is a glutton for love.

I rarely think about taking photos when we’re in the middle of a lovefest, but last night, I was lying on the sofa and Mike was petting Charlie on Charlie’s bed next to me and I happened to have my phone, so I snapped some pics.
Look at his folded paws!!!

photos taken February 2015

one year ago: Holla
two years ago: So Bad All My Bones Shake
three years ago: Grouch Crouch
four years ago: Silent And White
five years ago: Let It Snow
six years ago: Bon Ami
seven years ago: Neckin’

11 Responses to “Glutton For Love”

  1. Brad Says:

    haven’t checked in for a long while!! so glad to see Charlie is still around;
    great pics today!!! what a softie!

  2. Vee Says:

    He’s just such a baby :)

  3. Feb Says:

    Awe!! So sweet!

  4. Maggie Says:

    Ahh! What a cutie! Thanks for the Monday morning warm fuzzies :D

  5. taffy Says:

    How cute is that Charlie, so cuddly and happy for pets and scratches, what a sweet boy and so loved by you both.

  6. Barbara Says:

    Nothing like a good tummy rub!!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. mlaiuppa Says:

    Not just the paws. The face. The ears. That is one laid back belly rub glutton.

    Charlie has no idea what a lucky coyote he is.

  9. Jenny C Says:

    Every inch delightful.

  10. wright1 Says:

    Ah, what a sequential portrait of bliss! Thanks for sharing, Shreve.

  11. Carmel Says:


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