Teeny Tiny Ear Flaps

It’s Charlie’s birthday month! He turns eight years old (OMG!) next week,
and I’m sharing flashback baby pics here all week.

photo taken April 2007

one year ago: Ghost Dancer
two years ago: Brrrrisk
three years ago: Glove Lunch
four years ago: Snow Plows
five years ago: Snow Patrol
six years ago: Howl Meets Bark
seven years ago: Um, You’ve Got Something In Your Teeth

20 Responses to “Teeny Tiny Ear Flaps”

  1. Anne W. Says:

    happy b-day to you too Shreve, your journey w/ Charlie is my daily inspiration!

  2. Bobbie M Says:

    Priceless! Love these early photos and remembering the journey you have taken and shared. Thank you!

  3. Jenny C Says:

    Happy birthday, Charlie! Can it really be 8 yrs?! Thx for including us in this incredible journey, Shreve. xo

  4. Prairie girl Says:

    Clearly coyote toes. :)
    Wow, eight years. He’s still such a babe.
    Happy Birthday both of ya’s.

  5. Allison Says:

    I can’t believe that it’s been that long. Thanks so much for sharing Charlie with us. Happy Birthday you beautiful boy!

  6. scotty Says:

    ha ha haaaa charlie ! run charlie run !

  7. Rosemarie Mendes Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie & you too Shreve in many ways. You start my day.
    Finding your inspirational book in our Library & then purchasing it for my own library was fortuitous. I’ve spoken about your book to many and a few follow your posts.
    Continued success & be well.

  8. Steph in Oregon Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie and Shreve!
    Thank you for sharing Charlie with us.

  9. Vee Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie! How did 8 years fly by?
    And I think your birthday is near his? So if that’s true – Happy Birthday, in advance, to you as well Shreve. :)

  10. Taryn Says:

    I was very lucky to find your blog very early on. I’ve been following since Charlie was a young boy! Looking at this photo and not knowing it was Charlie, I would be hard-pressed to guess it was a baby coyote. He sure turned into a beautiful creature! Thank you for sharing him with us!

    Happy 8th, Charlie!

  11. pam Says:

    Love this pic!!!! You’re the best to share all with us, Shreve!! check your email from me…:-)

  12. Jo Davis Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie!!! Happy Birthday to you too Shreve as I think you celebrate around the same time ( hopefully the maple syrup I sent you made it on Sat. like it was supposed to and should be at your PO next time you go ) have a wonderful, restful and healing week ahead :)

  13. bonnie Says:

    we’re all sure glad you couldn’t resist!!

  14. Barbara Says:

    So cute and so wild!

  15. mj Says:

    Wow! Another year has flown by! Both of you have had some remarkable changes in your lives over the past 8 years! Wishing you and Charlie both many more happy and healthy years to come:)

  16. wright1 Says:

    Many happy returns to you both. Thank you for so generously sharing so much of your mutual journey.

  17. taffy Says:

    awwww tiny beebee boy such a precious little button.
    And Happy Birthday to you both!

  18. mlaiuppa Says:

    Oh, he was so tiny. So precious. No wonder you couldn’t say no to Mike.

    And we are all the richer for it.

    Thank you Mike. Thank you Shreve.

    And thank you Charlie. The bestest of birthdays to you.

  19. Maggie Says:

    The CUTE! I can’t take it. WOW, 8 years… HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE <3

  20. TomT Says:

    It’s been a lot of fun following your two blogs over the years. Happy Birthday to one lucky coyote named Charlie! Thanks for letting us in on your life Shreve.

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