Summer Snowball

photo taken June 2015

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6 Responses to “Summer Snowball”

  1. Nova Says:

    Charlie’s been with you for seven years now. Do the locals know about him? Have their attitudes about coyotes changed at all, or is it still a “shoot on sight” situation? Do they ever give you any grief for raising a coyote?

  2. Richard Says:

    Shreve, I would like to know the answer to Nova’s questions too. You and Charlie have put Ten Sleep on the map in a manner of speaking.

  3. Phyllis Says:

    I agree. On our last trip to Wyoming (from CT) I had to drive thru Ten Sleep to see Charlie’s hometown. Read the book twice. The odd thing is that we lost a puppy to a coyote in our backyard in CT and I still love Charlie and admire your commitment to him.

  4. Carol K Says:

    So sorry, Phyllis. That must have been horrific.

    Looks like Charlie’s winter floof is finally coming out.

  5. Jenny C Says:

    Paris runway, Charlie style.

  6. Sandy G. Says:

    What a fluffy puff ball he is!

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