photo taken June 2015

one year ago: Old West
two years ago: Coyote Study
three years ago: Life Of Leisure
four years ago: Gray Eyes, Gray Sky
five years ago: Eli’s Back
six years ago: How does Charlie like being photographed? Does he know he’s being photographed? Is he a ham? Or is it just part of his life since you take many pictures of him?
seven years ago: Twins

5 Responses to “Dollface”

  1. Vee Says:

    very sweet indeed and rightly captioned – dollface :)

  2. Jenny C Says:

    Ahhh…hahaaa… how precious is THAT?! Oh Charlie…

  3. StephC Says:

    My immediate reaction to this photo was a big heartfelt ‘Ditto!” to what Jenny C. said. Awwwww…

  4. BobJ Says:

    I was just wondering, is Charlie old for a Coyote??

  5. jsara Says:

    Cutie pie! He’s so content and relaxed!

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