Model Citizen

photo taken September 2015

one year ago: Verdant
two years ago: Wild Smile
three years ago: The Big Ears Of Summer
four years ago: Beyond The Veil
five years ago: Summer In Swing
six years ago: Woof Woof Yip Yip Howl
seven years ago: Comfy Critter
eight years ago: Bros

12 Responses to “Model Citizen”

  1. Pam Says:

    Thank you , Shreve, for taking such beautiful pictures of Charlie..your page is the page I look at last in the morning as I know it will always make me smile and feel good and help me get ready for my day.
    Your page and pictures put all the other “bad stuff” out of my mind.
    I really like Charlie with all his toys and esp THE blanket! :-)

  2. Kristan Says:

    Good god he’s handsome.

  3. nina Says:

    Contrary to Pam, I have to come see Charlie first. :)

  4. Anna Says:

    LOL – look at that scrawny neck! Who knew?! :-) (he’s still beautiful)

  5. CeeBee Says:

    I’m with nina — Charlie is first on my list every morning, even before coffee. Today’s photo makes me wish he was running for US President. He’d get my vote!

  6. Karen Says:

    That’s a coyote who’s freshly returned from playing tricks if ever I saw one.

  7. Corri Says:

    Love all of the triangles. His coat is really a marvel of nature. It is remarkable the change it goes through in one year of seasons.

  8. richard Says:

    Eddie Munster Widow’s peak….just in time for Halloween. *smile*

  9. bonnie Says:

    thanks again for the chuckle. i too save charlie for the last part of my morning peek into this window on the world. charlie always gives me a smile to wear into the rest of my day. peace and love to you.

  10. taffy Says:

    Everyones’ comments are so great!!!

  11. BarbaraR Says:

    Shreve – that is the perfect caption for his posture! : )

  12. Vee Says:

    Gosh, he is gorgeous.

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