Angel Angles

photo taken September 2015

one year ago: Illumine
two years ago: Lemonhead
three years ago: Coyote In Ecstacy
four years ago: Prairie Prince
five years ago: Sweet Soft Sleep
six years ago: Monsieur Model
seven years ago: Follow The Leader (They Take Turns)
eight years ago: Notes On Charlie – June 2

3 Responses to “Angel Angles”

  1. Linda Lu Says:

    Shreve, He is so beautiful. Thanks again for sharing him with us.

  2. torre Says:

    his fur looks so soft – so question – is his fur really soft or more coarse for water repelling and such? since I don’t get the opportunity to pet a coyote :)

    I was so sad to read a report about an attack by a coyote of a person’s pet in the Fairfax, VA area. The person had the dog off-leash and they were walking in an area known to have coyotes hanging around. The authorities are speculating that the dog got too curious/close to the pack and the coyote might have felt the need to defend. I really hope they don’t go in and try to remove the pack – people here just seem to want to kill the threat instead of learning to live with them.

  3. shreve Says:

    T ~ he is soft! Softer than Chloe :)

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