Tail Is Back

photo taken September 2015

one year ago: Don’t Look Back Too Long
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three years ago: Stone Cold Coyote
four years ago: Love Goblin
five years ago: Into The Sun
six years ago: 2 Pieces Of Peace
eight years ago: Meadow Meditation

4 Responses to “Tail Is Back”

  1. NG in NH Says:

    Wow — gorgeous and floofy! I bet that can do serious damage to items on the coffee table when he swooshes it back and forth (but I’m sure you knew that years ago)…
    Thanks for the ongoing treat of wonderful pictures, tails, and tales!

  2. Jenny C Says:

    Indeed it is! Wow. Beautiful.

  3. nina Says:

    Does he dust? :)

  4. Karen Says:

    The floof is back!!

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