photo taken October 2015

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6 Responses to “Halo”

  1. scotty Says:

    nice shot. no doubt he is keeping an eye out for winter.

  2. jsara Says:

    Great shot with dusk coloring!

  3. wright1 Says:

    The Trickster at twilight, surveying his domain. Love the patterns in his fur.

  4. Sarah Says:

    It looks to me like he’s wearing a blue/gray (grey?) sweater—love the colors and textures in this photo! (Calendar, 2016?)

  5. Betsy Says:

    Yes, Sarah, I saw a blue sweater, too! ;)

  6. Karyn Says:

    I think this one has made my top 10….maybe even top 5! The one with Eli, Chloe and Charlie will always be my number 1!

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