photo taken October 2015

one year ago: Hey Pumpkin
two years ago: Model Coyote
three years ago: The Softest
four years ago: Below The Belt
five years ago: The Trio Led By The Leo
six years ago: One Heart Between Them
seven years ago: Small, Stocky, and Serious
eight years ago: Feathergrass

3 Responses to “Trilight”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Oh my goodness… wow, Shreve. Clever caption. There’s a “mood” to this photo, and the light on – and from – his eyes is just lovely.

  2. Sheri Nugent Says:

    Magic hour captured beautifully with Charlie the supermodel.

  3. Diane Says:

    Gorgeous, evocative, calming and comforting.
    Thank you.


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