A Dream Of A Dream

words by D.J.
photo taken October 2015

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7 Responses to “A Dream Of A Dream”

  1. torre Says:

    just when I think he can’t be more gorgeous – such a handsome fella. and his coat is looking really cozy and warm – I just love to see the transition from the seasons.

    And a happy holiday to all of you there and to the farmily!

  2. Terry Says:

    Wow, his ears look so tiny!

  3. Karen Says:

    Torre said it perfectly! It’s been eight years of daily pictures, and I’m still amazed by Charlie’s image. Giving thanks for being able to ‘know’ your farmily… Happy Thanksgiving~

  4. wright1 Says:

    What an utterly gorgeous animal. Thank you for sharing him with the rest of us.

  5. taffy Says:

    Yes a cozy furry friendly dream, that dear sweet face, a look of love, so pleased to hold a pose for you. i agree with Karen, i think we all feel like he is a part of us because of you…Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. taffy Says:

    *and also Torre and wright1

  7. Carol K Says:

    We do have a little sense of family having followed Charlie for so long. Lovely picture.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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