photo taken December 2015

one year ago: Floofer
two years ago: Forever
three years ago: Fairytale
four years ago: Just A Taste
five years ago: Wait Up!
six years ago: Velveted
seven years ago: Weed Burrow
eight years ago: Horizon Fire

4 Responses to “Chewy”

  1. Scotty Says:

    haa haaaa. get that stick !

  2. Helen Says:

    Great shot of his fur – soooo thick! :-)

  3. seth baron Says:

    Hello Shreve, I just finished The Daily Coyote book last night, after being gifted it by my friend. I loved it’s heartfelt, easy style . Being an avid nature lover and having grown up in the hills around Skyline Blvd Ca. , coyotes have been an ever present source of nighttime serenades and fascination for me. I live in Santa Cruz now and thankfully have many here as well. (the poop on my driveway )
    Also , your love of cats touched me with stories of Eli and his time with Charlie.
    Is Charlie still with you? I hope so.
    Thank you for your writings and inspiration.


  4. Jenny C Says:

    Such a beautiful boy. The colors in his lush coat are exquisite and mesmerizing. Thanks for such a wonderful photo.

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