Still A Sweet Pea

photo taken February 2016

one year ago: Above, Below, Within
two years ago: The Beast And His Bestie
three years ago: Seer
four years ago: Dreamer
five years ago: Portrait Against Blue
six years ago: Tasting Snowflakes
seven years ago: Counting Sheep
eight years ago: Showdog Stance

15 Responses to “Still A Sweet Pea”

  1. Jsara Says:

    Charlie you’re adorable!!

  2. Liane B Says:

    And so, so beautiful. :)

  3. Bob Says:

    Good looking guy

  4. Jeff Says:

    Wow, beautiful. And he looks so intelligent! Like, he just knows stuff.

  5. torre Says:

    fabulous! how can each picture show even more expression? I can’t even imagine how sweet he is in real life :) and still has quite the winter coat so winter isn’t done yet I guess.

  6. Jenny C Says:

    “…And so, children, that is the story of how a coyote came to live with a city girl who fell in love with Wyoming. Next time I’ll tell you how I – er, the coyote – had to be subdued with antlers in the middle of the night…”

  7. Vee Says:

    … Always.

  8. PJ Says:

    He’s still so beautiful. I read your book years ago and am ama zed at your story. So moving, really. The power of love to break down the barriers between 2 different species. His feathery tail, his beautiful colors and those expressive eyes has for ever changed your life, I’m sure…and his as well! Amazing photography work, too!

  9. Shwatso Nanimwe' Says:

    Great shot!! The Trickster is lookin good!!

  10. bonnie Says:

    The Trickster indeed!! :)

  11. GD Says:

    Gorgeous winter coat!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Can certainly see the LOVE he has for you in his eyes. Love this picture of him. Just want to give him a nice big hug and cuddle with him. So, since he won’t let any of us do that, I guess you will have to do it for all of us. lol Sounding like a broken record, he is gorgeous!

  13. Lisa Says:

    The SWEETEST pea!

  14. Carol K Says:

    Wasn’t he the ‘sweetest pea’ way back when? Still is.

  15. shreve Says:

    C ~ yes!!

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