photo taken February 2016

one year ago: In The Window
two years ago: Holla
three years ago: Full Winter Fuzz
four years ago: Grouch Crouch
five years ago: Study In Sepia
six years ago: Face Landscape
seven years ago: Role Play
eight years ago: Neckin’

5 Responses to “Chillaxin’”

  1. Richard Says:

    I want to get inside his head. He looks like he is in a marvelous place.

  2. wright1 Says:

    So wonderfully relaxed. He looks very canis here as opposed to lacas, even his proportions seem more compact, without his coyote lankiness.

  3. torre Says:

    so relaxed in the sun – what a good idea!

  4. Jenny C Says:

    Prairie Sphinx. A really beautiful photo.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful! I love the B&W.

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